What is a good marketing strategy?

Concentration problems
  • What is a good and functional website?
  • What is the price of an advertising campaign?
  • How do I best reach the right customers?
  • Where can I best place my ads?
  • and so many more questions ...

The answer is very simple: there is no conclusive answer.

Every business or company is different, every consumer is different.

It is the art, skill and experience of the marketing specialist to find the right potential and bring it as close as possible to the company at the right time.

What we do know, however, are the trends in buying behavior. Certainly now that everyone is going online, patterns can be measured and mapped. It is a fact that 80% of purchases are preceded by searches on the internet. And 75% of this is used (especially for consumer goods and / or services) using the smartphone.

Search the internet in 2020

Consumer experience

With their smartphone, consumers want to find what they want, when they want it.

The result: consumers are curious, demanding and more impatient than ever before.

For the marketer this means that customers can be reached in different ways. With a different need every time at a different time, they are therefore increasingly difficult to satisfy.

The ability of a brand or company to use data to meet the needs of consumers determines the growth opportunities of a company. For example, by recognizing the wishes of a specific target group and adjusting advertisements accordingly.

Because: offering the right information at the right time to the right person is crucial.


And we expect to immediately find what we are looking for.

How do you deal with this as a self-employed person / company / SME / ... ?