Briefly explained
the differences and their importance.
In principle it is not a matter of OR.


Both techniques have their own
characteristics and importance.
They are complementary to each other and as an entrepreneur you must be well aware of the interaction between the two.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Ensure that your website (shop window) is easy to find for the search engines (Google, Bing, Edge, Safari ...) and let these machines understand what you have to offer to potential customers (indexing).

SEO consists of two major parts

technical SEO

the website must be technically correct and up to date according to the latest techniques

content SEO

the website must provide relevant and credible information about what the user is looking for

Both aspects are assessed by the search engines, which gives the website a certain quality and relevance score and places it on the list of sites after a search (ranking).

Example: has your website been adapted for smartphone use, voice search? What about the loading speed of your landing pages? Is there sufficient security available? ...

All aspects that help determine the quality and therefore the position of your website and that must be constantly monitored and optimized. Hence the term Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing is a verb and therefore requires time and energy.

Tip: test one of the most important ranking factors for your website yourself with this free tool from Google.

If you want to get started yourself or would like more details, read this manual.

What is SEA or Search Engine Advertising?

Literally it is paid advertising on the internet (PPC - pay per click). A marketing strategy to attract customers and / or leads in the short term and to boost your business results. These ads appear at the top of the search results or are displayed in various places such as other websites, youtube, etc ...

This technique requires knowledge of the market and the technology behind it.

Which keywords do you want to be found on, to whom and where should my ad be displayed?

At what time of the day, in which region? ...

All parameters that you can determine and set yourself.

And the price?

You determine the budget yourself; the cost per click (that brings a visitor to your website) depends on many factors, but you can also set it to a maximum or in relation to the desired return (ROI).

Cost-determining factors include

All of these known (and unknown) factors determine through a complicated calculation mechanism when and where your ad will be shown. It is up to the marketer to use his / her knowledge and expertise for optimum results and ROI.

Why SEO and SEA and not SEO or SEA?

Very simple but very important!

This constant interaction between SEO and SEA ensures a cost-saving effect and higher ROI in the long term.

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